Beer Crawl Brings in Business

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RENO, Nev.--Inside Third Street Bar, it was busier than normal for a Saturday afternoon.

"It's definitely gaining enthusiasm, we're seeing more people and it's a great time of year to be drinking beer," said Owner Tim McLean, who says he always sees more customers on the day of the Reno Beer Crawl.

"I see a good group of dedicated regulars for this event," said McLean

Down the street,The Waterfall Bar is ground zero for the festivities. Over 300 people picked up their tasting glass and wristband before setting out to 21 different locations.

"We're just looking to make this event even bigger and to have a more fun time with it," said West Mueller, owner of the Reno Beer Crawl

As a bar manager himself, Mueller planed the beer crawl to coinside with a time traditionally slow time for bars.

"This is a way to get business where you're not really getting business," said Mueller.

"Oh we have probably come just about every month. its a nice thing to do," said Barb Olsen, a regular at the Reno Beer Crawl.

For Barb and her husband Scott, it's a chance to try new beers, but also explore new spots downtown.

"I actually have learned to appreciate different types of beer," said Barb.
"You get to see the different sights at different bars, an a lot of times you find out just what different restaurants... and find out different places," said Scott.

Where you really see the crawl working its magic is on out-of-towners. A group from Oregon visits Reno often but makes sure their trip coinsides with the monthly crawl. Which is good news for the businesses involved.