Balloon Brew and More Expected at the Reno Balloon Race

RENO, NV - The Great Reno Balloon Races celebrate their 31st year.

To help make sure the races continue, organizers are offering, among other things, an EBAY auction to ride on the Darth Bader Balloon, Dawn Patrol Rides, and a V.I.P section.

Also this year a special “Balloon Brew” from Great Basin Brewing Company.

For a limited time you can buy the beer, where a portion of the sales also go to he Great Reno Balloon races.

“Effervescent beer has all the body and character of a caramel-laced cream style beer, that would actually have some champagne type characteristics. But with the body that can only come from a fine crafted beer,” says Great Basin Brewing Company Owner Tom Young as he describes the beer's makeup.

Balloon Brew is available in six packs and 22 ounce bottles, as well as select grocery stores and casino properties.

Balloon brew will be served at this year's races in the Cloud 9 V.I.P Club Tent.

This year's Great Reno Balloon Races are at Rancho San Rafael Park, September 7-9.

Admission is free excluding the V.I.P Tent.