Another Labor Day

RENO, NV - Labor Day is typically set aside to recognize the more than 150,000,000 Americans, 16 years and older who are currently
in the workforce. But one group of women wants to bring recognition to the approximately 11,000 women who give birth every day in this country. They say this “labor day” should be about self-determination and choice when it comes to delivering babies.

It's estimated one in three American women give birth surgically in this country.

That's far higher than recommended by the World Health Organization which says cesarean rates should be no higher than 10 or15%.

At Pickett Park just across the street from Renown Medical Center about thirty women along with their partners and children gathered for two hours to bring attention to the high rate of C-sections locally and nationally--on this "labor day"

“I had a very traumatic birth experience with my son 9 years ago and after that it prompted me to make birth better,” says Abby Lindsey, a Doula by profession.

“Birth choices--women being able to make more decisions about the kind of care they want,” says Amy Willoughby, a protestor

The protestors say its not just a matter of choice for moms-to-be, but there are also medical costs associated with a hospital birth.

For healthy moms, the costs of having a baby in the hospital is three times as much as having it at home with a midwife.

One 2005 study shows babies born with the help of midwives at home do just as well as if they were born in the hospital.

”We really are thankful for what obstetricians do and we think there absolutely has to be that part of the process. If it becomes high risk, if it becomes emergent, we need them. We absolutely need them, and we are grateful for what they do. It's just used way too often,” says Tiffany Hoffman, with Truckee Meadows Birth Network.

This group is one of about 100 nationwide who participated in the "National Rally for Change."

The hope is on this labor day, all women can choose the type of birth they want.