Animal Cruelty Suspect Awarded One Horse

YERINGTON, NV - The decision came out of Walker River Justice Court on Friday.

Justice of the Peace Richard Glass awarded Laura Smith the one horse.

A local veterinarian testified Thursday out of the 18 horses seized in late July, the one horse had the best body score and wasn't as emaciated as the other 17.

On July 31 Lyon County Sheriff's, along with state agriculture and brand inspectors seized the 18 starving horses from Smith's home on Dove Lane just outside of Yerington.

Smith testified in court on Friday.

She said the horses suffered from worms and lost weight.

While she said she treated the horses, getting the weight back on them took a long time.

Prosecutor Mark Krueger pointed out that in the weeks the horses have been in custody, they have gained weight rapidly and are in good condition.

The judge ruled the remaining horses will stay in Lyon County's custody where they could go up for adoption.

A criminal trial for the 17 remaining misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty is set for October 17th at 1pm.