Animal Control Looks To Update Codes

RENO, NV - Pettin' Place pet store has been doing business in Reno for the last 44 years.

They sell birds and lizards, and for a select group of customers, there are snakes.

“They are a low maintenance animal, and they are very quiet and they don't disturb the neighbors. Usually males between 12 and 24 is the most popular age. A lot start with one and end up with many,” says Linus McKibbin, owner of Pettin' Place.

There are Ball Pythons and King Snakes.

They won't get any bigger than about five feet, says McKibbin; still they are considered exotic under the current letter of Washoe County Code.

You need a permit to own one.

“That animal, it should not require a permit. We are easing restrictions on animals such as that. Stores can continue to sell them as they do now. And a kid growing up can have his pet in his room,” says Bobby Smith with Washoe County Animal Control.

Animal Control is looking to change some of its codes that are nearly ten years old.

Specifically, besides exotic pets, they are also looking at puppy mills, pet shops and dangerous dog codes they want to update.

Some proposals are less restrictive, such as snake ownership; others would give Animal Control more authority, especially when regulating pet shops.

“It's important to us that we get the word of the community. Once we have all this input and the documentation put together, we will be submitting that to the board of county commissioners this fall,” says Smith.