All Accounted for After Avalanche at Squaw Valley Injured One

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RENO, Nev. -- Three snowboarders triggered an avalanche at the peak of KT-22 today at Squaw Valley. It happened just before 10am in an in-bound portion of the resort which had already undergone avalanche control activities.

According to Amelia Richmond, Squaw Valley Media Relations, a Ski Patroller riding the lift saw the slide and immediately called it in, as did several witnesses.

Within one minute, several Ski Patrol personnel were on scene helping two skiers who were caught by the avalanche. Fortunately, neither one was buried and they were both conscious. They were taken to the medical clinic at the base of the mountain. One was treated and released, the other was taken to the hospital in Truckee for a shoulder injury.

Witnesses did not see anyone else who was caught in the snow slide, but crews began an extensive search to confirm that. The search included a number of detection devices and tools, including a beacon search, an RECCO search, multiple line-probe searches, K-9 searches, and a head-count of everyone who was on the relevant chair lift. In all, seven avalanche rescue dogs and more than 100 people, Squaw staff and volunteers, helped confirm no one was buried in the snow.