Agricultural Land Endangered

The land sits on the very east side of Reno.

The agriculture school's main station field lab at Mill and McCarran encompasses 1049 acres of prime land.

For Wendy Baroli it represents this area's history of feeding the community.

“I look around and I am 44 years old and I see what's left of the Truckee Meadows. There's no farming left. And we used to be able to really feed not only this but the outlying areas,” says Baroli a local farmer.

But it is prime real estate--property a developer would love to have, and it could be up to the highest bidder.

Currently the School of Agriculture is considering selling 104 acres along McCarran Boulevard. In these tough economic times at the University such a sale could mean big bucks for the school.

“There is a cultural aspect to the farming station that has to be considered as well,” says Baroli.

Baroli and others headed to an advisory board meeting of the Ag School to try and quash all ideas of such a land sale.

Besides losing green space, there's another consideration: flooding.

Historically this area is hardest hit during flood events, with more and more development that water has fewer places to go.

As a matter of fact the Army Corp of Engineers could put as much as 160 acres of this place off limits because of the flood plane

“It just means that we as tax payers are going to be impacted to pay more tax dollars to compensate people who are having their properties flooded. Its obscene, it’s silly and we have to wake up,” says Betty Hicks, a local resident who attended the meeting.

What the university will do is unknown.

But what we do know, the city council will take up the issue of rezoning the land, in a couple of weeks.

The College of Agriculture is also considering closing Wolf Pack Meat, also located at the main station farms.

Local small rancher urged the school to keep the facility open as it’s the only USDA processing plan in the area.

That designation allows those local farmers to sell their meat to local restaurants and markets.

Closing Wolf Pack Meats they say will put them out of business.