Teen Helping Single Mothers in Need

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Sun Valley, NV - Some would say it wasn’t so long ago that 16-year-old Alisa Langston was a kid herself but what she’s doing now is something that’s incredibly grown up.

In a small Sun Valley home there are diapers, car seats and baby clothes, but it’s out of this small home that Alisa started a program called Helping Mommys

“It’s low income housing you know, a lot of single moms and families that are not working. My mom for a lot of my life was working two part time jobs. I didn’t have a lot of time with her,” says Langston.

Alisa collects supplies for local moms who are struggling to get by. She scours the internet for donations and finds families in need. She may be young, but she’s determined.

“She cares about others before she cares about herself. She’s very giving, very caring, always has been,” says her grandmother Jackie Eaker.

On the day we arrived one pregnant mother who didn’t want to be shown on camera arrived to pick up a stroller and a car seat. Alisa even threw in a booster for the woman’s older toddler.

But what’s really amazing about Alisa is that she’s currently fighting intestinal cancer. Instead of focusing on what would bring many others of us down, she’s choosing to give back.

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