Bison Fire Rescue: A Fawn Named Hope

DAYTON, NV - The director says she calls it the Dayton Valley Wildlife Rest Stop because with any luck, the animals will rest and rehabilitate here and then regain their life in the wild.

The latest boarder is a little guy, a male fawn firefighters found alone last Friday afternoon during the Bison Fire.

“The fact that he even survived to get picked up the way the fire was running hard, and the firemen, I'm not sure how they found him. He was injury free smelled pretty smoky and we started him on oral electrolytes, at the time. He's going great,” says Evelyn Pickles, founder of the Dayton Valley Wildlife Rest Stop.

Firemen who rescued the deer called him Hope.

Evelyn says she doesn't name any of her rescues because they are wild.

Like the wild owls, hawks, and other birds re-cooperating on her property.

Some need help in learning to hunt, others just need some TLC to get their wings back.

She has three other orphaned fawns who have moved beyond bottle feeding and are now in a shaded pen.

She has a nipple barrel in the pen and has little personal contact with the deer so they do not get used to humans.

Work around the property is a second job for Evelyn, who gets about five hours sleep a day.

“It's a long time love of animals. And after all my training and stuff, worked at the lake for a couple of years, realized there were a lot down here that needed help,” says Evelyn.

Soon the youngest deer will be placed in a pen with the other three.

By late fall Evelyn says she will take all of them and set them free in their own habitat.

One thing is for sure: the newest addition won't be put back in his home.

That's because it no longer exists.