Federal Agency Retracts Fossett Statement After KOLO 8 Probe

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A federal agency in charge of investigating aircraft accidents has revised its initial report on the incident involving the disappearance of Steve Fossett.

Since Fossett' vanished in his single engine airplane flying near Yerrington, the National Transportation Safety Board's officials preliminary report noted that Fossett was "presumed fatally injured and the aircraft substantially damaged."

But after an inquiry about the report by Kolo 8 News earlier today, the NTSB agreed that its presumption that Fossett did not survive was premature and had no basis.

A spokesman for NTSB said the preliminary report, which is posted on the agency's website, will be changed by tomorrow.

Meantime, Civil Air Patrol and the Nevada Air Guard have scaled back their search efforts to standby status while several private pilots continue to actively look for any sign of Fossett's aircraft.