Washoe County Reviewing Voting Machines

Washoe County has decided to hire an independent facilitator to help an elections task force review the integrity of ballots, voting machines and tallying machines before the 2008 election.

The county board of commissioners voted to revive the task force and spend 25-hundred-dollars for the new hire.

Voter Registrar Dan Burk says it will help prove that the voting system in secure.

The move comes after Sparks resident Jan Chastain complained about county use of electronic machines at numerous commission meetings.

It also comes after California Secretary of State Debra Bowen moved to decertify Sequoia and Diebold electronic voting machines for general use in the elections next year.

Burk says no one in the country has proven any voting machinery has been hacked into and changed the vote in an election.

But he says the extra scrutiny is a good idea.