Motel Residents Say Child Should Have Been Removed Sooner

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Authorities say they discovered a child covered in open sores at the White Court Motel Monday. But one resident of the motel says the child was in the same condition when she called Child Protective Services two weeks earlier.

"We called two weeks ago, a week ago, protective services were here five days ago, did not take that child out of there," said a woman who lives at the White Court Motel, but did not wish to be named.

She says there were complaints to Child Protective Services long before a 14-month old boy was taken into protective custody Monday morning. That morning, officials say the boy was found at the motel covered in sores and wearing a diaper filled with three to four days worth of feces.

"They were here four days ago... why didn't they take him out then? His scabs and his sores, his malnutrition, it was all still there."

Monday, the boy's own mother, Amiee Louvier, was arrested for felony child neglect, along with grandparents: Jennie and Gerald Oswalt.
Police say they went to the White Court Motel based on a tip, not to Child Protective Services, but the Motel Interdiction Team hotline.

"The Motel Interdiction Team contacted the Washoe County Social Services who had an open case on, possibly (on) the people in the motel, and then they went to the motel with the Washoe County Social Services," Sgt. James Becker of the Reno Police Department said.

Another White Court resident who spoke with KOLO Eight says people from Child Protective Services had been at the motel to check on the child before.
But, she says the door to the family's room was never opened until Monday when police made an appearance. The discoveries were shocking.

"Drugs just fell into the whole thing... this baby's walking bare-footed and there's needles open on the carpet," the resident said.

Residents of the White Court Motel say there are good people who live there. They even say residents are trying to clean up their neighborhood by reporting drug use and other illegal activity.
It's what one woman says she was trying to do by calling CPS weeks ago.

"That baby was let down by everybody... that baby was let down by everybody and that's the sad part of this whole dang thing."

Attempts to contact CPS for comment on this story were unsuccessful Monday evening.