SNCAT Shutting Down Operations

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RENO, NV - Sierra Nevada Community Access Television (SNCAT) has announced on its Facebook page it's off the air.

The non-profit pubic access station had been in business for almost 20 years. Last year, SNCAT ran into financial trouble when the city of Reno chose a different television production company to air its meetings. Despite cutting staff and moving to the Meadowood Mall location, the station ultimately was not able to continue operations.

SNCAT's Facebook Post

After almost twenty years of service to the Truckee Meadows, SNCAT will cease providing tools, transmission and training to the community.

For two decades, the lively discourse of opinion, the breadth of people’s talent expressed in the arts and the joy of self-discovery through skill development has been nurtured and recorded at SNCAT. Thousands of Truckee Meadow residents have participated in some way; many more thousands have viewed their effors.

We leave you each with these memories, whether they be on ¾ inch tape, cd, dvd, electronic stream or just in your own vision. A vision made consistently more enriching by the staff,volunteers, donors and supporters of Sierra Nevada Community Access Television (SNCAT).