Mackay Mansion Manifestations

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Virginia City is rich with history; some say it’s haunted whether it is at Pipers Opera House, St. Mary’s in the Mountain church or the Mackay Mansion.

The Mackay Mansion was built in 1860 by George Hearst, father of media mogul William Randolph Hearst. Since then, ownership has changed hands numerous times. The most famous owner was John Mackay.

Both tourists and locals claim there are four manifestations in the mansion. Armed with high tech toys, paranormal teams from around the area spent Friday night looking for proof of other apparitions or spirits.

They set up shop on all three floors and outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of these apparitions. They include an elderly lady in the living room, a possible servant who walks up and down the stairs. In the kitchen, there’s a spirit called “the Colonel.” But the most popular resident spirit is a little girl dressed in white who has been seen in the upstairs bedroom.

Since there are no real answers, these manifestations of the mansion, could also be manifestations of the mind. You be the judge.

These teams say other popular hot spots for spirits in Virginia City include the Arts Center at the St. Mary’s in the Mountain Church and the old Washoe Club.