Sharron Angle Gets Fundraising Boost on Radio

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Republican senate candidate Sharron Angle is taking her fight to unseat Harry Reid directly to the audience of the conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh, and gets a six-figure bump in campaign contributions.
In an interview with guest host Mark Belling, Angle did not back away from her far right positions, that the Reid campaign has called "wacky".
In direct contrast to predictions that she would begin softening her message to appeal to mainstream voters, she proudly told Belling about her long history of fighting for conservative causes, and how she managed to upset republican favorite Sue Lowden with a strategy of peaking late in the race.
Angle says her senate race against democratic majority leader Harry Reid is getting "international" interest, and that to match the powerful senator's $25 million in campaign contributions, she only needs "$100 dollars from 250,000 conservatives."
Sharron Angle's website was linked to the Rush Limbaugh Shows and in the first hour following her interview her site reported more than 100 thousand dollars in new contributions...more than doubled the total raised since she won the primary Tuesday night.