Helping Hallie Munro

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Hallie Munro is four years old, and suffering from a medical condition that's draining her family's bank account, and puts her in and out of the hospital on almost a daily basis. That's why the Helping Hallie Foundation is organizing a charity golf tournament to help pay for Hallies medical expenses.

Hallie hasn't been able to digest food properly since she was born because her intestines don't work. Multiple surgeries later, and Hallie has three options: 100 percent I-V nutrition, pain management to make her comfortable until she dies, or an entire small and large intestinal transplant that only has a 50 percent success rate.

Hallie doesn't eat much because her body can't digest much of anything except chicken noodle soup. Hallie's mom, Necia, says, Hallie's medical bills are so high, the last one alone was $20,000. But the Munro's choose to celebrate life's little moments, and focus on the positive. While Hallie's energy, love for life, and happy attitude is deceiving, the Munro's know they have to rely on help from others to get through each day.

The charity golf tournament for Hallie is happening Saturday, July 17th at Red Hawk Golf Course in Sparks. Registration ends June 30th. The entry fee entitles you to play golf at the amazing Resort at Red Hawk golf course, followed by a BBQ dinner, auction and raffle. Besides golfing, you can also donate items for the raffle or auction, or sponsor a hole. There are several items that can be donated for the tournament itself. If you are interested in donating or participating, please email