Police: Arrested Teacher's Face On Bathroom Video

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A local sixth grade teacher, is caught on video, for allegedly placing a small camera in the staff bathroom at Jesse Hall Elementary School.

43-year-old Terry Rauh, is in jail on ten counts of "Capturing an Image of a Private Area," after one of his coworkers found the recorder earlier this week. According to video evidence that dates back to January, investigators say the camera may have recorded the private parts of dozens of teachers, staff members, parents, and even volunteers.

"I think it's disgusting. I really do," said Stacey Jim, a parent at Jesse Hall Elementary.

Washoe County School police say the camera, which was only about half the size of an iPhone, was taped inside of a toilet seat cover dispenser, but had somehow fallen to the ground.

"Another teacher actually found the recording device and brought it immediately to me. That's when we notified police and we started the investigation," said Jeanne Ohl, Principal at Jesse Hall.

The camera was discovered inside of the teacher's lounge, where about 65 staff members use one of two unisex bathrooms during the seven to eight hours per day they spend on campus.

School police say when they reviewed the video, not only did they find at least ten incidents where the camera had been placed inside the restroom, but also a yet-to-be determined number of both male and female victims. They also saw the evidence they needed to make an arrest, the face of sixth grade teacher Terry Rauh.

"On one of the video recordings, or many, his face is clearly shown on camera placing the device," said Lt. Dale Richardson with Washoe County School Police.

Principal Jeanne Ohl says she was shocked to find out the camera allegedly belonged to Rauh, who's worked with the Washoe County School District for twenty years, at four different elementary schools. She says police have scoured the school, and no children were videotaped or harmed in the incident. She says Rauh is a popular, highly-respected teacher and the last person she'd expect to commit a crime. She says the news has been the most damaging to her young students.

"My concern is that their trust has been broken. This is someone they respected and believed in. They probably feel somewhat betrayed," said Ohl.

Rauh has been suspended from his teaching position, and is currently being held in the Washoe County Jail on $25,000 dollars bail.

"I don't think he should be in any school area or be able to be a teacher," said Jim.

Police have also conducted an investigation of Rauh's home, and have confiscated his personal computer. They say at this point, they don't know how many videos are involved, or how many people's privacy was violated. They suspect there could be more charges added to Rauh's rap sheet as the investigation continues.