The Future of UNR's Agriculture College

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The Board of Regents met on Friday, to discuss how to deal with the state’s billion dollar shortfall. They, like every other department is being forced to cut their budgets significantly.
UNR is being asked to cut another $11 million from their budget. They have already cut $33 million.
Other ideas to trim from the budget include selling the Fire Science Academy in Carlin and raising tuition for in-state students.
However, there was some good news. The College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources may survive.
There was a proposal to eliminate two departments within the college and absorb some degrees into other programs. On Friday, Provost Marc Johnson told regents the college could survive, but on a much smaller scale.
CABNR students say having a smaller college is better than having no college.
"I think it's good to have the college,” Senior Ryann Healy said. “Cause if they cut it, it will be hard to bring it back. All students and faculty understand the cuts have to come from somewhere, but we didn't want the entire college to get cut."
We spoke to several regents about the issue. Robert Blakely said “doing away with agriculture education would be wrong… But the prominence of it with UNR will probably diminish.” He said consolidation would be a possibility.
Dr. Andrea Anderson said agriculture is a core program, and said she felt it is extremely important to Nevada’s economy.
The board will make its final decision in June.