Nevada Gun-Buyers May Face More Background Checks

The state Legislature's failure to pass a bill may mean that the 25,000 Nevadans with concealed weapons permits may have to undergo a federal background check every time they buy a gun.

For years the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has exempted Nevada permit holders from paying $25 and undergoing a
check with each gun purchase. Now the government is threatening to
scrap that exemption.

Anyone without a concealed weapons permit must pay $25 for a
federal background investigation when they buy a firearm. But those
with permits have been exempted because they undergo background
checks when they get their state license.

Frank Adams, executive director of the Nevada Sheriffs' and Chiefs' Association, said the federal agency in the past was dissatisfied with the checks made by local sheriffs and so the local law enforcement agencies beefed up the process.

But the federal agency wanted state law to conform to the local sheriffs' practices. AB21, backed by the sheriffs and chiefs, was aimed at satisfying the federal agency's wishes. But it died in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Adams said his association plans to ask the federal government for an extension based on the fact that local sheriffs stil conduct the checks, even though state law has not yet been changed.

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