Bank Responds After Bizarre Break-in

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SPARKS, NV - Imagine moving into your new house and just as you're getting settled, someone breaks in, changes the locks, and shuts off the water. That's what happened to one Spanish Springs couple who's still rocked from the experience.


UPDATE: When we requested information from Bank of America about how this may have happened, we were sent this statement Monday: "We were just made aware of the issue this afternoon. We have reached out to Mr. Majchrzak, and we are in the process of rectifying the situation."


Soon to be newlyweds Eliza and Peter came here from Poland. They are first-time home buyers, and this weekend was a rough first weekend in their new home.

“I’ve been crying all day yesterday, I had an anxiety attack, I couldn't sleep all night,” says Eliza.

She and her fiancé have been living the American dream. But now, Eliza's on anxiety meds and is sick from stress.

“Instead of enjoying the new house I wish I didn’t have it to be honest.”

It happened Friday night. She came home from work around 7. It was dark, she was alone, and then she found the lock on her door had been broken, and a pink liquid filled all the toilets, showers, and sinks in the house.

“They just broke in to front door they destroyed the door and frame,” Peter tells us.

The intruder left the lock parts scattered on the ground and then replaced the old lock with a new one, but didn't bother to leave a key.

The water was shut off. Someone had walked through the entire house and backyard, leaving the side door to the yard wide open.

Eventually Eliza and Peter found a note on their door from “BAC Field Services Corporation”…aka Bank of America, the previous owner of this short-sale home.

The note said their home had been “winterized” and if they had any questions to call an emergency number that was listed.

They called, but no one answered.

The only sound on the other end was an automated message that said “we’re unavailable, but your call is important to us."

The Sparks couple had closed escrow January 15th. If there was some sort of mix up on the bank's end of who owned this property, irony arrived in a small white envelope.

“The bill is already here. Our lender is Bank of America.”

Real estate experts confirm that Eliza and Peter do officially own the home. They say it's possible this situation resulted from some sort of miscommunication, but something like this should never happen.