Food Network Star Says Reno Restaurants are "Fantastic And Unique"

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A famous Food Network bad boy was in town Wednesday, eating at some of our favorite local haunts.

Guy Fieri, host of the popular show, "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" visited Reno to film an episode of his show, making three stops along the way.

Overall he gave our area a 'thumbs up' as far as food choices go. While visiting the Biggest Little City, he ate at "Dish Cafe" on Mill Street, "The Gold and Silver Inn" on West Fourth, and lastly, "Louis Basque Corner" on Fourth and Evans. That's where our cameras caught up with him.

Easily recognizable with his bleach-blonde hair and approachable smile, Guy Fieri dined on traditional Basque specialties like shellfish and lamb. He says it was not his first time at a Basque eatery, but is was one of his best times.

"Going to another Basque place was really interesting. Had the oxtail, then the rabbit which was served in a hunter's sauce. Delicious. Then--I don't do it often, but I pushed my culinary boundaries and went for the sweet breads," said Fieri.

After complimenting the chef, Frank, for his way with preparing tasty innards, Fieri and his production crew wrapped up the episode that will air in a few months on the Food Network. Employees at Louis' Basque Corner say they're looking forward to the huge boost in business their appearance on television will almost definitely bring.

"We're pulling out all the stops. Our staff couldn't be more cooperative. We are just thrilled with this opportunity," said Louis' waitress, Natalie Savidge.

And Fieri, who left his mark at the popular Basque eatery, says our area has some fantastic and unique restaurants that deserve a second look. He says the next time you get set in your ways about your favorite restaurants, try something new.

"Slow down and take a look around because you've got some of the greatest places right in your own background," said Fieri.

The food star, who is a Northern California native, says he's been to Reno many times, and even driven by the "Gold and Silver Inn" on numerous occasions, but he's never eaten there before. During his visit there, he says his favorite dish was their homemade gravy, made from scratch.

Just a few years ago, Guy was just another unknown lover of food. Then, he won the second season of the reality show called "The Next Food Network Star" and became instantly famous.