House Calls Help Seniors Stay in Their Homes

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FERNLEY, NV - Many seniors have no family or friends to turn to for help, and can't afford in home assistance. For more than a decade, House Calls has been helping the elderly in our community.

Director Shelly Egbert and her family noticed many older folks have difficulty remembering which medications to take and when to take them. Even simple tasks, such as locking doors and turning off stoves, may be forgotten. That's why she started House Calls, to provide daily reminders, assurance and care.

Shelly Egbert uses computerized and personal telephone messages, to serve the needs of many elderly clients, House Calls makes reminder calls, sends uplifting notes and prepares emergency kits funded through grants and donations, offering services free of charge to those who need it.

House Calls is designed for seniors struggling with memory loss who need assistance with daily tasks through friendly phone calls. The program also helps seniors combat loneliness and depression by sending cards on special occasions.

House Calls assembles basic survival items aimed at providing independence and peace of mind in case of an emergency. The kits contain food and other survival items packed into a bucket with toilet seat lid that can be converted into a temporary commode.

Seniors who depend on House Calls say, it's like having a guardian angel. The program serves about two hundred seniors in Northern Nevada. The cost is about $1,000 per person.

Right now, House Calls is meeting the need, but is down about 25% in funding. Director Shelly Egbert hopes the new year brings new funding to the organization. If you'd like to help, visit