Psychic Predicted Jaycee's Safe Return Home

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RENO, NV - Dayle Schear, a woman whose claims her psychic abilities have been used internationally, says when she was hired to give some insight into this case in 1991, she told Jaycee's parents--this day would come.

Schear says she has the recording from the 1991 reading she gave to Carl and Terry Probyn. In it she says she describes the two captors, and where Jaycee was being held. She mentions a white bridge, the same white bridge that is in Antioch.

Schear has worked on many crime cases, including some high-profile ones such as the O.J. Simpson case. But Jaycee's case always stuck out in her mind.

Schear recounts the day she spoke to Terry Probyn, Jaycee's mother. "I looked her in the eyes and I said please do not give up on this child...eventually she'll walk through the door, you're going to see her again."

Schear also told Terry some unsettling details.

"I described general area and how she was being held I said it was sexual...I knew she was being held at force and she could not get to a phone to call."

Jaycee Dugard's mother always held on to the hope that she and her daughter would one day be reunited.

Schear says, "She never gave up hope in her heart and she always believed someday her daughter would walk through her door."

So what does Schear say lies in the future for Jaycee? She predicts that Jaycee will pull out of this with guidance and counseling, and will become a spokesperson to help others.

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