Mom Sexually Abused Daughters

32-year-old Stacy Thoman was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty to one count of lewdness with a child and another count of child abuse and neglect. District Court Judge Michael Gibbons listened to hours of testimony from experts, friends, and relatives who seemed to describe two different Stacys.

Prosecutors called three witnesses Wednesday. One was the grandmother of Stacy's oldest daughter who now has custody of all three children. Linda Stratton says when asked if they want to see their mother, the kids have one response.

“None of them have at this time. None of them have what? Have written or wanted to make contact, “ said Stratton

“And that's by their free choice?” asked prosecutor Tom Gregory
“That's by their free choice,” said Stratton.

Linda Stratton was just one of several witnesses in Stacy Thoman's penalty and sentencing phase. She pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse and neglect along with lewdness with a child. Investigators say she and her husband Kevan had sex with their two children beginning in 2000 when the oldest girl was six. The couple separated in 2007 and later divorced. Stacy turned her husband in 2008. The children were sent to foster care, where according to testimony today, the foster parents were alerted to just how perverse the Thoman household had become.

“Asked if her family ate dinner naked. If they had holidays naked because that is something that they thought was right,” said Ryan Boren a case worker.

But Thoman's attorney says there's a reason for Stacy's compliance, Sheryl Field-Lang says Stacy herself was abused as a child, she was manipulated at the time by her controlling husband said Field-Lang.

Friends who testified on Stacy's behalf talked about what a good person she was, even when shown nude family photos that came from the Thoman home.

“Would you allow you kids to be around her?” asked Gregory

“Yes,” replied friend Brenda Wilson

Thoman herself took responsibility for her past actions, and asked for probation from judge Michael Gibbons

“I know I am a good person and I hope I'll be able to help my children, my children need me, I know they do,” said Thoman when she addressed the judge.

Judge Gibbons sentenced Thoman to 20 years for attempted lewdness with a minor which she will serve five years before parole eligibility, She'll serve up to six years for child abuse. The sentences will run concurrently.

Kevan Thoman was arrested and sentenced here in Washoe County in April.
He's serving *life* in prison, plus 20 years for his part in the sexual exploitation of his two daughters.