5,000 Nevadans Impacted By Healthlink Payment LImbo

CARSON CITY, NV - Like many Nevadans, Melissa Smith applied for health care insurance through Nevada's health insurance exchange called Healthlink. She selected a plan for her and her husband, and made her first payment in April. But by the middle of last summer, something went wrong.

“This was an email I sent then asking what's going on?” says Melissa. Melissa was informed by her health insurance plan that she had missed a payment in June.

“The notice said, if you don't pay your premium in full or bring it up to date, by August 31st, we will cancel your coverage because of non-payment,” says Melissa.

Her bank statement shows the payment from Melissa's account.

She tells us she continued to make a payment every month.

In September she was told she not only missed a payment in June, but also August.

Her bank statement shows payment for August as well.

“Also calling to find out what's going on, what's the status, no answer. Not resolved. We'll call you when it's done,” says Melissa on how her conversations have been going so far.

Melissa says she has yet to talk to a supervisor at Healthlink, even though she has asked repeatedly for one, and she has plenty of documentation of all the calls she's made.

And apparently, according to Xerox, the company contracted out to run the state health insurance exchange, there are more than 5,000 Nevadans just like Melissa who are in some kind of payment limbo.

At the last Silver State Health Insurance Exchange Board meeting earlier this month, the company says the money amounts to more than $300,000.

We contacted Healthlink in Carson City and gave them all of Melissa's pertinent information.

Officials say they are checking into her case and will have answers for her and us in the near future.

We will keep you updated.