Family Dog Severely Injured

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SILVER SPRINGS, NV - Just before Christmas, the Binzels were hosting a party at their rural home in the Virginia Highlands. At some point that night, Maui escaped from his kennel and ran off. Maui was picked by a Storey County Sheriff's Deputy. The Binzels say, when they found out Maui was at the Lyon County Animal Shelter, they were initially relieved. But when they went to pick him up, they found Maui broken, bleeding, and scared. Five months and $1600 later, Maui is doing just fine, but questions remain.

Workers at the Lyon County Animal Shelter admit Maui was placed in a kennel with three pit bulls, but blame the Storey County Deputy. Storey County does not have an animal shelter, so they send loose animals to the Lyon County shelter. Storey County Deputies have access to designated kennels at the Lyon County Animal Shelter. Protocal is never place more than one animal in one kennel at the same time. The Storey County Deputy says, when Maui was picked up, he was he was healthy, happy and friendly. The deputy says, he placed Maui in an empty kennel at the shelter, and says, if pit bulls, or any other dogs had been occupying that kennel, he never would have left maui there.

Storey and Lyon county are still pointing fingers at each other. Lyon County Manager Dennis Stark claims shelter works had no hand in which kennel the Storey County Deputy placed Maui in. Stark also says, Maui may have been injured before he even got to the shelter since the Storey County incident report states Maui was was picked up for aggressive behavior. Regardless if maui was injured before he got to the shelter or while he was there, it appears Lyon County violated its own policies. According to Lyon County Animal Services Policy and Procedures, the shelter should have provided medical treatment to Maui.

Storey County Deputies aren't the only ones to have a dispute with the Lyon County animal shelter. Lyon County Sheriff's Deputies have also complained about the lack of cooperation and assistance they've received from animal control. The Binzels say they just want whomever made the mistake, to take responsibility and pay the vet bills. They filed a claim for compensation, but it was denied by Lyon County Manager Dennis Stark. The claim is currently being reviewed by the county insurer. The Binzels say if that too is denied, they'll file a lawsuit against the shelter for negligence. They say,they want to make sure nothing like this ever happens to another family pet again.

Lyon County Commissioner Larry McPherson says, from the information he has received about this case, he would have to agree with the Storey County Sheriff's Deputy in this case. From what Storey County reported, McPherson guesses the Lyon County Animal Shelter is not running a very organized operation.