Washoe Judges Disqualified in Mack Civil Cases

A senior judge has disqualified all Washoe District Court judges from a list of civil cases involving Darren Mack.

Mack is the Reno pawn shop owner accused of fatally stabbing his
estranged wife and shooting the family court judge deciding their divorce.

Senior Judge J- Charles Thompson had earlier removed all Washoe District Court judges from Mack's criminal case. He said in August that a reasonable person might question whether those judges "would be entirely impartial when one of their own is the victim of such a serious offense."

On Thursday, he said "the same rationale applies" to the civil cases. Both moves are believed to be unprecedented in Nevada judicial history.

Mack has been charged with murder in the June 12 death of Charla Mack, 39, and with attempted murder in the sniper-style shooting of Judge Chuck Weller.

Cases affected by Thompson's latest ruling include the guardianship of the Macks' eight-year-old daughter, Charla Mack's estate and their divorce case. It also applies to a civil lawsuit filed against Charla Mack by the pawn shop owned by Mack and his mother as well as a family trust case involving Darren Mack's former wife, Debra.