How to Avoid Losing Your Vehicle To The Repo Man

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Sometimes all it takes is a few hundred dollars to set you behind in your payments, and while many people are starting to live within their means, it's still a struggle to keep up with the bills already accumulated. Cars, trucks, A-T-V's, airplanes and boats are all still being repossessed. Repo man Justin Zane has seen it all and knows all the tricks to finding his target. Once it's gone, that vehicle isn't coming back or anything else you may have left inside. It’s not something you're going to be very happy about when you head out to the parking lot, but repossessors see it all the time. Zane says you can avoid this nightmare by being upfront with your creditors, who are willing to work with you.

Delinquent payments aren't the only fees associated with repossession. Owners face thousand of dollars in extra changes tacked on by the repo companies. Many times, owners are better off cutting their losses and turning in their vehicles voluntarily.