Reed High Grad Remembered as Hero

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Hundreds of people packed the South Reno Baptist Church today to pay their last respects to Reed High School graduate Captain Joshua Byers.

Byers was killed July 23 when his convoy was ambushed in northern Iraq.

"I thank God for him," said his father, Dr. Lloyd Byers. "Josh is a real hero."

And a hero to many.

People traveled from all over the United States - some family members traveling from as far away as Guam - to honor Captain Joshua Byers.

Everyone we spoke with remembered Captian Byers as being an extraordinary husband, brother, son, and friend.

"I feel richer for having known him. He was an inspirational young man," said former ROTC Instructor, Gordon Jobe.

Said Bo Eisfelder, Byers' best friend: "The best friend I could ever have. I'm proud to have known him."

While Josh only lived in Nevada for a few years, the West Point Graduate who dedicated his life to the Army touched many lives.

"Josh laid down his life to free the Iraq people," one said.

His parents say that dedication came across in everything. "Every letter he wrote to his mom and me said I love my soliders and I'm committed to bringing them safely home to their families," his father said.

A commitment that has left tears in the eyes of many and a hole in their hearts.

"My worst nightmare is to lose a child," Dr. Byers says. "I've had to go through that."

Said friend Jessie Jobe: "We hope will all meet again one day."

Captain Joshua Byers was laid to rest in Mountville, South Carolina.

He is survived by his wife, parents, and two brothers.