Parents Accused of Threatening School Staff in NV

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Two parents have been arrested on suspicion of
threatening violence against Washoe County School District staff during separate discussions about their children, officers said.

Cheri Fry, 30, is accused of screaming profanities, threats and racial slurs at Traner Middle School Principal Lauren Ford during a discussion about her son's involvement in a fight.

Police said that while Fry was being transported to jail, she said she wanted to punch the principal in the mouth "so you really have something to arrest me for."

David Coleman, 46, is accused of using profanity and making threats during a Monday phone call from his daughter's teacher at Hug High School in Reno.

Coleman, who was arrested at the high school Wednesday, allegedly told the male teacher he was going to "beat him to a bloody pulp, and you better not call again."

Both parents were booked Wednesday into the Washoe County Jail
on a gross misdemeanor charge of harm or death to a pupil, which
also applies to threats against school officials.

Fry also was arrested on a charge of creating a disturbance at school.

Both parents were later released from jail.

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