Butler Ranch Back On

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First, they said they could develop...then they said they couldn't...now, Regional leaders say the Butler Ranch project is back in business...again.
The board is made up of leaders from Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County.
Any decision it makes...trumps that of the Regional Planning Commission, which already voted *twice against development.
Tonight, the Regional Governing Board said the developers...were in conformance with the Regional Plan.
Even though, residents around the property...cited flooding concerns, environmental issues, and problems with traffic.
Board members believed Lennar Homes' proposal mitigated all of those concerns.
Now, the developer will have to start by building homes in phases.
It's only approved for 245 additional homes.
Any request to build more...must go back before the Planning Commission.
Also, Lennar Homes must receive approval by the Army Corps of Engineers...if it wants to move forward with its complete plan of 15-hundred-50 homes.
That process could take anywhere from four months to four years.
Homeowners, in Heron's Landing, say they issued a petition to the Army Corps of Engineers...to look at the flooding problems.
We're told the Corps accepted that petition...and identified eighteen items that have to be cleared up...before Lennar Homes can develop at Butler Ranch.