Voter Challenges

There are only two legitimate claims a person can make against a voter which would prohibit that voter from casting a ballot.
One is that the voter has voted twice. The other is that he is not the person he claims he is. Nevertheless there may be additional bogus attempts to prevent you from voting in November.

Foreclosure signs like this have become common sight in Washoe County. It means the previous owner has changed
addresses. If he hasn't changed his address with the registrar of voters office....outside interests may challenge that person's vote at the polling place. It won't fly says county elections chief Dan Burk.

"The truth is the federal law is clear the National Voter Registration Act says as long as you move within the same jurisdiction you retain the right to vote at your residence of where you previously were at least one time before you are required by law to change it.

The prospect of someone attempting to challenge a voter isn't unique to Washoe County, allegations are flying across the country. IN Colorado a county elections chief told Colorado College students from outside the state they could not register to vote if their parents claimed them as a dependent on their tax returns.
Another bogus claim says Burk.

"There is no real residency requirement. You have to live in the state for 30 days but there is o real residency requirement. If a person believes that this is their residence for the purposes of voting they have every right to come here and register here and vote here in Washoe County."

Burk says the deadline to register to vote is October 14th. Beginning October 4th you have to do that at the county office. He says you can check your status by going online or calling his office to make sure all information is correct. On election day he says do what these people told us they would do if someone challenged their ability to vote.

Joyce Mathews a local resident came up with one good way to meet the challenge on election day.

" Show my i-d. I can't think of anything else it is such a bizarre thing."

Helen Benoit says she wouldn't think twice about responding to such a challenge.

"Sure I always carry my personal i.d. So I would show my i.d."