Butler Ranch Project Stopped

Butler Ranch Plan Axed
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It was approved by the Reno City Council despite major concerns over flooding...but tonight the hotly contested Butler Ranch project took a major blow...as the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Commission said "no" to changing the master plan...
The change required a super majority vote.
And, it came down to five "yes's" and four "no's" from commissioners.
Six votes were needed...to allow this development to go forward.
Butler Ranch sits on nearly four hundred acres...at the base of Rattlesnake Mountain.
It's already zoned for residential development.
But, Len-nar Homes wants to take that community...and expand it into 1550 houses, of which 160 acres would be open space.
Neighbors, who showed up for the Truckee Meadows Planning Commission meeting, would rather it be left alone.
The ditch in question is Steamboat Creek.
Developers want to widen the channel...to mitigate flooding concerns from neighbors.
Most recently, on new year's eve.
As you can see from this still photo...the surrounding area filled up like a bowl.
But, planners say they've exceeded *even the requirements of the regional plan.
Engineers say the corridor will actually improve habitat as well.
The plan is to increase the size of the wetland area...which will allow for more birds.
But, long-time residents say how is that possible?
Traffic issues also concerned commissioners.
Developers want to widen Mira Loma to four lanes, before 2012, which they say would make a huge difference.
Plus, they have no plans to increase the size of people's right of way.
That wasn't enough to sway commissioners.
They couldn't support the project for several safety issues...including flooding and traffic.
Next, the issue goes to the Regional Governing board...where it's expected the developer and the city will appeal tonight's decision.