Victims Released; No Charges Filed Against Reno Man In Winnemucca Shootings

Two people injured during a shootout at a Winnemucca bar that left three others dead have been released from the hospital.

Police say a 22-year-old woman and a 34-year-old man were released from the hospital Monday.

Authorities continue to investigate the shootings that they believe may have been sparked by a simmering feud between several local families.

Winnemucca Police Chief Bob Davidson says the violence erupted around 2:30 A.M. Sunday when a man entered the crowded Players Bar and Grill. He fatally shot two brothers, 20-year-old Jose Torres and his 19-year-old brother, Margarito. The shooter was later identified as 30 year old Ernesto Villagomez. All three were from Winnemucca.

According to witnesses, Villagomez at some point stopped to reload his high-capacity handgun and began shooting again when he was shot and killed by another patron - a 48-year-old Reno man who had a valid concealed weapons permit.

The Reno man was initially taken into custody as a person of interest, but later released after Humboldt County District Attorney Russell Smith determined the shooting was justifiable homicide.