Report: Nevada Most Dangerous Place To Live

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A new study looking at the safest places in the country came out Monday and Nevada finds itself at the bottom of the list for the fifth straight year.

The rankings are based on how a state fares in six major crime categories including: murder; rape; robbery; aggravated assault; burglary; and motor vehicle theft.

While Nevada fares better in some categories than others; its overall standing couldn't be worse.

Congressional Quarterly, a non-partisan news and information group based in Washington DC says they stand by the numbers. The statistics are obtained from the FBI and evaluated on a per-capita basis from 2006. That figure is then compared with the national average.

According to those numbers, Nevada sits atop the nation in motor vehicle theft; second in robbery and third in murder. The Silver State came in at six when compared with the rest of the nation in burglary; seventh in aggravated assault; and eighth in rape.

Representatives say many people often challenge the study, but the numbers don't lie.

"We take some negative heat from people on the bottom of the list," says Ben Krasney, from Congressional Quarterly Press. "But our response is that it's balanced. And the numbers are available to the public from the FBI."

Marshall Emerson is an assistant to the Washoe County Sheriff. He says the department will take a closer look at the report.

"Obviously when a statement like that is made, we take it very seriously," says Emerson. "We'll certainly take a look at the report and determine if there is any trending in our particular area."

This is the fifteenth year the study has been done and Nevada has ranked as one of the seven most dangerous states, every year since 1994.

Skeptics say the large number of transients in the area is distorting the state's ranking. But Krasney say that's a problem with any statewide report.

"You can't have one without the other in terms of crimes against a transient or committed by a transient by my understanding of it."

The report also looks at the most dangerous cities in America and even though Nevada ranks as the most dangerous state, not a single one of its cities rank in the top 15.