The Washoe Club: Spirited Grand Opening

Virginia City is rich in history and apparently paranormal activity if many cable shows are to be believed. The Washoe Club in Virginia City has been heavily featured in such shows like
“Ghost Adventures.”

To capitalize on the public interest in things that go bump in the night, and retain the historical significance of the place, the owner has taken on a giant renovation project which will be celebrated in part, with a paranormal party on Saturday.

Owner Scott Burrell shows us the second and third floor of the Washoe Club that has traditionally been closed off to the public.

Look at the weathered wooden floors and the torn paper on the walls and you can see why.

It’s not terribly attractive to the average person,

But it’s just the kind of place the stars of 'Ghost Adventures" wanted to check out for one of their shows.

“After Zak, Nic, and Aaron came in they captured the full body aberration here they went back to Vegas, it was on the news there , they had professionals review the tape to make sure it wasn't doctored in any way, the buzz started and it took off like wild fire,”

For years the Washoe Club had a small museum dedicated to spirit activity.

One of the features of the museum is a crypt were bodies were stored in Virginia City's hey day during the winter when it was too cold to dig graves.

But Burrell has bigger dreams for this place.

With the help of a membership club which entitles card holders to discounted drinks, merchandise, special events and a news letter, he has been able to clear out and refurbish the second and third floor of the Washoe Club.

Originally the area was where the richest and most powerful men of the 1800 in Virginia City came to enjoy themselves. The two floors encompass 9,000 square feet with 31 rooms.

Burrell: Any body who was anybody really.

$65,000 dollars later, including a modern fire sprinkler system, The Washoe Club will start giving tours of the second and third floors beginning this weekend.

Saturday night the grand opening includes a special dinner and exclusive tour with paranormal investigators.

Burrell hopes his efforts can scare up a little business.

For more information on the Saturday's Party go to or call 775-8474467