GOP Caucus Complaints Emerge

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The KOLO 8 newsroom has received several complaints from registered Republican voters this morning about today's caucus. While some locations have reported relatively organized conditions, several participants at other locations have reported highly chaotic conditions.

In addition to bumper to bumper traffic getting to some of the Reno caucus locations, some participants said they walked out because of over crowding and no direction by organizers at the sight. Dianna Kenney of Reno said she wanted to caucus for Sen. John McCain.

"I ended up tearing up my invitation, throwing it on the ground and stomping on it in front of one of the people with the caucus," Kenney said.

One election observer with the League of Women Voters said she saw organizers at a Carson City location call off the registration process after about 1,000 participants arrived. Her account has not been confirmed, but Nancy Scott said they simply skipped the registration because it would have taken too long and went ahead with the caucus meeting, trusting the everyone was registered.