Ron Paul Campaign Concerned About Incorrect Caucus Location Information Provided by the Nevada State Republican Party

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The Ron Paul presidential campaign has learned that thousands of Republican voters, including thousands of Ron Paul supporters, have received incorrect caucus location information from the Nevada State Republican Party.

Incorrect information about caucus locations has been given to voters throughout the state, specifically in Washoe and Clark, the two largest counties in the state.

Postcards sent to registered Republicans by the Nevada State GOP contained inaccurate caucus locations and the state GOP website caucus locator was directing voters to inaccurate caucus locations until 6 pm Wednesday evening.

The Ron Paul campaign in Nevada has been inundated with telephone calls from voters confused about their caucus location because of the misinformation on the state GOP website.

Campaign officials first notified the Nevada state party of the problem on Monday by phone.

Early Thursday morning campaign officials met with state GOP party officers, including Zac Moyle, the Executive Director of the state GOP, to address these concerns.

However, until 6 pm on Wednesday, the state GOP website was still directing Nevada Republicans in 57 or more Clark County precincts to caucus locations in Washoe county.

Nor had the party posted any kind of warning on the website until that time.

Jennifer Terhune, Nevada Communications Coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign, explained that a postcard sent to her house by the state GOP directed her to an incorrect caucus location.

"The postcard said my caucus location was completely different from the information I had from the county. The situation is very confusing, and the state GOP has only recently- two days before the caucus- taken any action to correct this situation."

Terhune went on to say that she had discussed the caucus location confusion with Heidi Smith, chairwoman for the Washoe County GOP.

"Heidi confirmed that the state GOP has sent out information about caucus locations that conflicts with information from the county GOP. We are concerned that this confusion will affect voters throughout the state."

"We met with the state GOP on Monday," said Jeff Greenspan, Ron Paul's Southwest U. S. Regional Coordinator.

"They admitted there was a problem. They said it would be addressed, but it has only been addressed this evening when they posted a warning on their caucus locator website."

He went on to say that Ron Paul officials had spoken with Zac Moyle, the State Republican Party Executive Director.

"We informed him of the problem, and he later apologized, but this website has been misdirecting voters up to two days before the caucus."

"The Ron Paul campaign has received calls from hundreds of supporters who have asked why they are being directed to Reno and Hendersen for their caucus sites when they live in Las Vegas."

"Perhaps the party ought to consider postponing the caucuses until they can ensure that correct caucus information is communicated to all Republican voters in the state."

Screenshots of the Nevada GOP State website have been recorded that direct voters in North Las Vegas to go to locations in Washoe County for the caucus.

Screenshots of the warning posted by the Nevada state GOP, which was on the state GOP website as of 1 am on Thursday, January 17th, have been obtained by campaign.

According to information obtained by the campaign, over fifty-seven precincts in Las Vegas have been directed to locations in Washoe County to participate in the caucus.

The Ron Paul campaign is expressing concern about misinformation from the Nevada GOP via the state GOP website and postcards sent to voters.

The state GOP has addressed the inaccuracies on the website only two days before the caucus, despite being notified by the campaign on Monday the 14th, five days before the caucus.