Worldcon's Sci-Fi Convention Comes to Reno

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RENO - The 69th Annual World Sci-Fi convention kicked off at the Reno-Sparks convention center Wednesday.

The name changes according to the city every year.

Renovation or "Reno"-vation's opening ceremony was standing room only. People travelled from around the world for this event where fans can rub shoulders with their favorite artists and writers.

Dave Cake, a fan delegate from Perth, Australia says, "I'm very glad to be at this one because Tim Power's, who is the guest of honor, is my favorite author and a very nice guy. And walking past, right now!"

Fans also impersonate their favorite sci-fi character. Lauren Schulz and Torrey Sentmark had creative costumes. "We're from a British TV show called 'Dr. Who." I am the doctor, as played by David Tenant, and this is my tardis, who is normally a police box, but who has taken human form for this particular adventure."

A tardis is time machine for those less savvy sci-fi fans.

The exhibit floor is packed with sci-fi arts, crafts, clothes, books and even filmmakers raising awareness about their films. Over the next four days, there will be something for everyone....puppet shows, a masquerade, an awards ceremony, art shows and interviews with leading sci-fi authors.

Year after year, fans follow Worldcon, literally around the world. Last year's worldcon was in Japan. And like it's fans, one thing the event is not, is boring.

The convention runs through this Sunday.