Families Enjoy Opening Night at Shrine Circus

Courtesy: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
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RENO, NV - Many of us are familiar with Shriners as the men with fez hats on, and mini cars, but the Shriners also provide the Circus to attend this weekend.

Hundreds of people came out to help kick off Shrine Circus' opening night in Reno.

"The kids got free passes from the school, and we just figured we'd bring everyone down and have a good time," said Laura Marshall, a parent.

"I just think it brings families together. It gives them something to do," said Melissa Bringle, a parent.

Kids and their parents looked on at trained animals doing stunts, including a pair of white tigers who playfully hopped over each other.

"I like to see all of the animals and tricks people can do," said Emily Vrazier, who came to see the circus with her grandmother.

Acrobats hang from the ceiling and parade across the tight rope, one on top of the other, dozens of feet above the crowd.

Kolo 8 News Now's Sarah Johns got in on the action, riding on an elephant during our newscast.

But it's not just a fun, family event. All of the proceeds go to Kerak Shrine, a group that transports kids seeking free medical care at Sacramento's Shriners Hospital for Children.

"That's what it's all about. This Circus is put on so we can continue to operate and do what we need to do for our kids," said Andy Anderson, a Shriner.

Tickets are $12 for kids and $14 for adults.

If you didn't make it out Friday there are shows Saturday and Sunday, too.

Saturday's showtimes are 11 AM, 3 PM and 7 PM. Sunday's showtimes are 1 PM and 5 PM at the Reno Livestock Events Center.