Streets Back Open After Hazmat Investigation

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SPARKS - Streets are back open in the Coney Island area after Wednesday's hazmat incident.

Officials say a barrel of nitric acid began to smoke for unknown reasons when it was moved into a plastic barrel.

Advanced Composite Technologies uses the chemical in production, and hired H20 Environmental to dispose of the chemical waste.

Fully-suited hazmat teams had to siphon the chemical out of the barrel and dilute it with water.

Nitric acid can be a dangerous chemical.

"It's an industrial grade nitric acid. If it got onto your skin, it would cause severe burns. It can cause a lot of reactions with a lot of different chemicals," said Tom Garrison, Sparks Fire Department.

Teams were able to mitigate the situation without incident.

The chemical is still in several barrels at Advanced Composite Technologies. H20 Environmental wil return to the scene Thursday morning to finish the removal.