Federico Peña Launches Nevada Latinos for Obama with Events in Reno

Federico Peña, former Clinton administration Energy and Transportation Secretary, launched Nevada Latinos for Obama today.

Secretary Peña joined with Latino supporters and volunteers in Reno and Las Vegas to expand the grassroots movement for Barack Obama within the Latino community in Nevada.

“I am excited about the enthusiasm we are seeing with Latinos in Nevada to support Barack Obama. With Obama, the Latino community sees someone committed to providing real solutions to improve our education system, comprehensively reform our immigration laws, and respond to the community’s health care needs,” said Peña.

“And most importantly, Latinos in Nevada and across the country see a candidate that can unite Americans and bring people together to address our country’s challenges.”

Latinos for Obama brings together Latinos from around Nevada to join the campaign’s grassroots movement for change and participate in the Democratic caucuses on January 19.

“The Latino community in Nevada is ready for a new kind of leadership and Barack Obama is the only candidate who can change the broken system in Washington,” said Rolando Cruz, a leader of Latinos for Obama in Las Vegas.

“In Nevada, the Latino community is growing and expanding,” Peña said at the Las Vegas event.

“Latinos will continue to have a strong voice in this campaign as they will in an Obama Administration. Su voto es su voz.”