Siena Closes its Doors

Siena locks the doors

RENO, Nev. (AP) - The Siena Hotel Spa in Reno has closed but
lawyers for the owners of the hotel-casino say they hope to reopen
it in the coming weeks.

The Siena declared bankruptcy in July and shut down the last of
its gambling operations earlier this month. It closed its doors at
noon on Thursday.

Lawyers for the downtown hotel-casino say in recent court
documents that the debtors remain in "active negotiations" with a
prospective investor.

They say the Siena could not afford to make good on an earlier
pledge to pay NV Energy $50,000 every two weeks to keep the power
on. They say by Oct. 29, they hope to make a deal to reopen all or
part of the business. Otherwise, it likely will be liquidated
through the bankruptcy process.