Residents of Susanville Protest Release of Killer

SUSANVILLE, CA - Several hundred Lassen County residents gathered at the Lassen County Board of supervisors Tuesday morning to protest the release of a convicted killer Loren Herzog.

In fact, so many outraged citizens showed up for the hearing that it had to be moved to a larger room.

Loren Herzog, 44, is one of the two men known as the “Speed Freak Killers.” He was convicted of three counts of murder in 2001 for his part in several murders in California's central valley during the mid-1990's and was sentenced to 78-years in prison.

However, in 2004 a California appeals court overturned his conviction, saying his statement to police at the time had been coerced. Now his expected release date is Friday, after serving his 14 year sentence.

Officials say Herzog may end up in the small agricultural town of Doyle, CA, but a representative of Assemblyman Dan Logue told the crow that it will not happen. Logue’s rep says Herzog will instead reside in Susanville, living on state property, closely monitored with a GPS ankle bracelet.

Inmate Loren Herzog. Photo Courtesy of the Stockton Record