Cadillac Ranch: Sorry for Paycheck Problems

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SPARKS, Nevada ( -- Cadillac Ranch at the Legends shopping center says it has had credit issues that have led to problems with employee paychecks.

Amber Fisher, said she left her job as a server at Cadillac Ranch, after paychecks began to bounce.

Fisher's bank statement shows a lot of penalty fees, and she says the fees stemmed from paychecks like this one, from her server job at Cadillac Ranch.
She says they were returned by the bank.

"It was placed on our responsibility we should know better not to deposit our check on a Tuesday and we should wait until after a busy weekend when there's money in there."

Sarah Metcalf says her checks also bounced, and she had to bring them to Cadillac Ranch and be given cash instead.

"I think the labor board needs to do something because I've talked to employees who still work there and it's just getting worse."

Fisher says by going to Cadillac Ranch's bank, the bank is telling her whether there's sufficient funds to cash her paycheck.
So she says she's ended up holding on to checks until there's funds to cover them.
Meanwhile she's taking care of her daughter and her phone was just shut off.

"On Friday I was told the funds were not available so I'm going to go back on Monday and hope their weekend was busy enough that I can get the money for these and each of them are less than one-hundred dollars."

A Cadillac Ranch Manager said there have been credit issues, which have been resolved. He apologized to employees affected and said check issues won't happen again.

He denied employees are being told to hold their checks, and said everyone is being paid.

He said foot-traffic was not what was anticipated.