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About Us

Advanced ENT Sinus Center is a state of the art Ear, Nose and Throat practice located in Reno, NV. We are proud to provide high quality ENT care to adults and children in the Northern Nevada and Eastern California regions.

We are proud to offer complete imaging and treatment on-site for the convenience and affordability of our patients. What once took several appointments and time to drive between facilities now takes just one visit for examination, imaging, and treatment.

Advanced Otolaryngology Associates, offering the most advanced sinus care available.

Because of our High Desert climate and extremes in elevation that we encounter on a day-to-day basis many people encounter ear problems in our region. Dr. Hudson treats a full spectrum of ear problems for both adult and pediatric patients.

High elevation and a multitude of allergens make our environment in Northern Nevada host to many sinus problems. Dr. Hudson treats the full spectrum of sinus and nasal disorders, ranging from acute sinus infections to chronic sinus disease requiring treatment with 3D computer guided surgery.

For many of us our voice is what defines who we are. It is our unique signature that we share with others daily. Dr. Hudson is happy to help you keep your voice in tip-top shape and provide you with pointers that may help you to do so.

Head & Neck Surgery is one of the most intricate and anatomically complex areas of the entire human body. There are many various disorders that may require a Head and Neck Surgeon.

Advanced ENT Sinus Center FAQ

How do I get copies my medical records?
You will need to sign a records release form or send a written request to our office. On receipt of the release we will send the records within 7 days.

How long can I expect my appointment to take?
Every patient is unique and it is difficult to give you an exact time that each appointment will last; however, please be assured that we strive to closely follow our schedule each and every day.

How long is the ENG testing and what is it?
There are three main parts of the ENG.
  1. The tracking tests measure eye movements as your eyes follow a visual target.
  2. The positional tests measure dizziness while sitting with your head in different positions.
  3. The caloric tests involve running cool and warm air into the ear canal. This change in temperature stimulates the inner ear, causing rapid movements of your eyes. The final portion of the test may give you a sensation of moving that will dissipate rapidly.
The entire ENG test will take approximately an hour. If you have been scheduled for this test, please refer to the patient forms section of our website for complete instructions.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment with Dr. Hudson?
Please bring your picture ID, insurance card, copay, and a current list of your medications. If you have had any imaging or testing done pertaining to your appointment please bring copies of the results, including CDs of radiology tests such as CTs and MRIs.

Where does Dr. Hudson perform surgeries?
Dr. Hudson has scheduled surgery days at Quail Surgery Center, Renown South Meadows, and Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center. He will also operate at Renown Regional Medical Center as necessary.