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About Us

Part café, part creative space
The Lucky Childe blends healthy food and drinks with endless activities to play and learn with one another.

Locally owned and operated, The Lucky Childe brings a new concept to the northern Nevada community. The café and activity center is designed to offer a child-focused environment that allows families the opportunity to interact together over healthy food, creativity and collaboration. Families can come by to enjoy a meal or coffee or sign up to join an activity.

The Lucky Childe offers educational, music and craft activities for parents to participate in alongside their children. These activities are designed to be enjoyable for parents and caregivers as well as children and are focused on imagination, learning and hands on artistry, rather than technology.

The concept of The Lucky Childe has been brought to life by a mother, intent on creating a welcoming and healthy space for families to build memories together. She experienced the luck of having a special connection in her life that illustrated the importance of interaction and quality time and set out to make that possible for families of all shapes and sizes. The Lucky Childe puts a special focus on not only the patrons, but also on supporting efforts in the community that assist children and families in need.

The Lucky Childe's founder, Ellen

As the visionary and founder of The Lucky Childe, Ellen oversees each department, staffing and day to day operations. With a background in child care, she created the concept of a whimsical café that allows families to connect over imagination and creativity.

“I was lucky enough to have someone in my life as a child who took time to interact with me and make me feel important and heard,” said Ellen. “The Lucky Childe was inspired by that concept with the idea that every child should have that opportunity.”

Born and raised in northern Nevada, Ellen is a mother and active advocate of The Solace Tree, a local nonprofit offering grief and loss services to children, teens and adults.

“I sadly experienced a loss as a child and have made it a part of our mission to support this cause,” said Ellen. “Unfortunately, children who experience loss, including myself, can have a rough road as they grow. The Lucky Childe is an uplifting place for children and adults and we are proud to support such a great organization in the process.”

The Lucky Childe donates all of their tips year-around to The Solace Tree to assist in their efforts in additional to supporting other local nonprofit organizations that aid children in our community.

“We are so proud of what the Lucky Childe can offer families,” said Ellen. “From offering innovative activities to providing a place to just simply enjoy your children over healthy food prepared in house, we look forward to welcoming families from across our community.”

The noble childe

Walking into The Lucky Childe is like opening a storybook and being transported to a whimsical world of creativity and imagination, where you feel miles away from everyday life and can’t wait to eat, learn, and play. The Lucky Childe is a place where your family can spend quality time together, expand your imaginations, and be part of the community.

The unique spelling of the word Childe embraces a traditional custom seen in literature which symbolizes a child of noble birth. Cultivating a healthy learning environment, The Lucky Childe affords every child the space to be loved and valued, treating Littles like nobility. There is nothing better than experiencing a bit of luck, like catching a fish or finding a four-leaf clover. The creative café strives to allow all visitors, little and big, to experience the excitement of luck. The interactive environment nurtures relationships, while offering benefits for both child and parent, making everyone lucky.