Spanish Springs' wrestling dynasty

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RENO - NV "Wrestling for Spanish Springs it's definitely a lot, you have to stay on top and be the best because Spanish Springs is the best," said Cougars senior Roman Jackson.

The Spanish Springs wrestling team has won the Northern 4A title in eight of the past nine years.

"You always don't wanna be the group that ends it of course, you just want to keep the tradition going and help the young ones out," said Spanish Springs senior Owen Jones.

"It's very important to make sure it keeps growing and hopefully it never ends," added senior Logan Klonicke.

And it begins at the youth level.

"It's about being family for this long and the time and the work that you put in. It's not on the top level. They put in. It had to grow from somewhere," said Spanish Springs coach Joe Imelli.

And the Cougars can definitely say success breeds success.

"We all pass everything we know down to them and they pick it up really quick and we just keep pushing each other up and up," said Logan Klonicke.

"I think it's always a really good to wrestle against people who are better than you because failure is the best teacher," added senior Noah Hunter.

Despite all the success over the years there's one feat the Cougars haven't reached, a state championship, a goal they definitely have their eyes set on this year."

"I know we can do it. I know we're gonna win the state title, we've just gotta wrestle like we've been wrestling week in and week out," said Jones.

"Three goals every year, win league, win region, and win state. We have yet to complete the three goals and that's what keeps us driving," said Imelli.

"Just the talk about it this year. I think we're finally gonna get it," added Klonicke

The Cougars quest for a state title continues Wednesday with a duel against Reed.