Omaha native Thurman still beloved at home as Pack plays nearby

Omaha, Neb. (KOLO) - Tre'Shawn Thurman's journey to joining the Wolf Pack started in Omaha, Nebraska and at Omaha Central High School.

"A humble young man. Work ethic was off the charts," said Eric Behrens, Thurman's high school coach. "Just wanted to get in the gym and get better. Did some pretty special things in his time here."

Special, as in, won three state championships with the Eagles between 2011-13. It's something they'll never forget.

"A lot of older teachers who are still here that remember him will always talk about him or mention him to me," said Lenae Kent, Thurman's younger sister. "I saw TreShawn's game last night. Talk to me about the game."

Though it's not just what Thurman did on the basketball court that earned him the admiration from his hometown.

"He's just a good kid. Unselfish. Very unselfish," says Lois Thurman-Kent, Tre'Shawn's mother. "People used to always say he's so unselfish."

"He's just awesome. His personality. Just awesome."

But throw up a ball, or anything that spurns competition, and Thurman's in his element.

"When we used to shop, I would take his brother's hand and his hand. They always wanted to race to the car," said "Uncle Larry" Britt, Thurman's uncle. "Tre'Shawn would pummel him so badly that he would make up a song. I won, I won, you lost, you lost."

And Thurman's hoping to be singing a lot this weekend, not far from home.

"I was so excited when I saw that, like Des Moines, yes!" Says Kent-

And it won't just be family rooting him on as he steps onto the biggest stage of his career. Thurman has a team of support. Heck, a whole town of it.

"Myself, our assistant coaches, our players, the whole community. We're gonna be pulling for him bigtime this weekend," said Behrens.

"I told him, that was something I always dreamed of playing in," said Uncle Larry, a former player at West Virginia State. "You're actually playing in it. You need to take advantage of the situation."