Nevada lacrosse team to compete for National Championship in Virginia

RENO, NV (KOLO) - Nevada has a handful of sports teams on campus. But one of the school's best programs is a well kept secret.

The Wolf Pack lacrosse team is student run. There are no scholarships or free gear. But these ladies are the cream of the crop and they'll have a chance to win a National Championship to prove it.

"Everybody just came together this year and put in so much hard work to accomplish an 11-1 league record. We took first place at the WWLL Championship tournament. It'll be the first time UNR is represented at the national level in Virginia Beach."

"I'm really excited for it. I've been a Nevada girl my whole life. Growing up here, I went to Galena. I'm really glad that I get to represent my city for the school I've loved my whole life. And really get to bring it to a national level where the rest of the country gets to see us."

"It means so much because there's very few girls on the team that are actually from Reno. There's a select few of us. It means everything to me to be like 'hey, I started from the bottom and now we're here.'"

"We trust eachother on the field and that's super important."

"I can count on these girls to help me to study, whatever I need they're there for me."

"When we're out on the field, we're not thinking about anything else but lacrosse, but winning."

"Our style of play is all over the place. I think that's what helps us a little bit is that there's no structure to it."

"Communication is key. Key to everything."

"We just kind of do our own thing, and really pull out some things that are unexpected and you won't see us coming."

"I'm so proud. Being the president and doing all this work to lead up to this moment and watching it all happen on the field. It's amazing."

"We're putting Nevada on the map and it feels good to tell people 'look at us.' We're not just some little town. No, we know how to play, too."

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